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Tips for Purchasing a Flat, Vastu Shastra

Source:, Saturday, December 28 2013
Tips for Purchasing a Flat, Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra lays down various tips for purchasing a flat which can bring bliss and luxury in a household in the long run. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture that offers rules, guidelines and principles for planning and constructing the different units of the flats, apartments and the plots.
Apart from these Vastu Shastra also offers essential tips regarding the flats that would be quite helpful while purchasing these living units. Vastu Shastra offers suggestions, following which, a positive energy would be generated within the flats and it will lead to a harmonised living. A few rules laid down by the Vastu experts should be considered before selecting an apartment, as a flat with wrong Vastu could have negative effect on the prosperity and health of the family.
A flat does not mean an entire building as there being many flats in the building and every thing, according to Vastu Shastra, may not be there in every flat. Auspicious as well as inauspicious powers of the flat start yielding results after 3 years of shifting into the flat.

Few of the guidelines are stated below :-

* Flats should not be booked on Tuesday and Saturday. On these days, it is also better not to shift into new flats. Entrance into the new flat should be decided on a particular auspicious day.

* It is impossible to get all the flats in the building constructed according to Vastu Shastra. The advantages and disadvantages arising out of the common water tank, septic tank, staircase, overhead tank etc. of the building are distributed among all the flat holders. So a single flat holder does not feel the disadvantage. Vastu Shastra here is concerned with only one flat holder and not with the whole building.

* The plots with North-East or South-West corners cut off should not be purchased. It is permissible to have the drainage of the flat carried out in the North, North-West or the West. The slope of the balcony of the flat should be towards the North or East. A room on the terrace can be built but firstly it should be constructed in the South-West corner. After that rooms can be constructed without any difficulties in the South or West. Moreover, the elevator or the lift should not be facing the main entrance.

It often happens that due to the lack of space the flat owner cannot bring about all the required necessary changes in his flat. In such a situation, it is advantageous to follow these principles:-
a) The heavy articles or goods should be kept along the walls in the South or the West.

b) The North-East corners of the every room need to be vacant. It is advantageous to keep here the earthen jar filled with water.

c) The kitchen can be built in any corner but the gas connection should be in the South-East or the West.

d) Although the bedroom can be in any corner but while sleeping the head should be towards the wall in the South and legs toward the North. The North-East side should not be used for the master-bed.

e) Keep the main door closed, if it is in the inauspicious direction. It is advised to hang a mirror on the wall which is in front of the inauspicious door. The evil powers, looking at their own images in the mirror, go away.

f) Vastu Shastra suggests hanging pictures of deities on the wall from East to West. The Puja Ghar should be in the North-East, East or the West of the flat, but the idol of God should face the East or the West.

g) In the apartment, it is advisable to select the drawing room in the east or northwest side. Furthermore, the study desk of kids should be placed in Eastern or Northern wall.

h) If possible, the room for storing and stocking items should probably be made in the south of the apartment.

* If the flat has balconies in the East and in the North, it is supposed be the best flat. These flats which have balconies in the West are of middle quality. Avoid purchasing a flat which has a balcony only in the South.

* Flats with toilets and kitchens in the North-East should not be purchased at all. Flats without corners, circular, curved and unsystematic shape should never be purchased. It is better to purchase a rectangular or square flat.

* The East and North directions are regarded auspicious by Vastu Shastra. Hence flats having windows in the East and the North are quite good. Flats with windows in the West can also be purchased. Flats that have bathrooms in the South West and the South - East corners should be avoided as it is not so easy to change the places of bathrooms in the flats.

* If the overhead tank of any apartment or building is on the slab then the topmost flat should not be purchased. A flat on any other floor can be purchased.

* As far as colours are concerned cream, blue, green, yellow and white colours can be used for painting the flats. Avoid grey, black or any dark or dazzling colours.

By following these tips for purchasing a Flat, one can easily choose the right kind of flat. In the present age, it is difficult for a common man to arrange everything according to Vastu Shastra in his flat. Yet before booking the flat a person can check out to what extent the Vastu Shastra is applicable.

It is also suggested to get a personal feel of the property to experience positive or negative vibes from the flat. There is no harm in booking a flat if 70 % to 80 % of its construction is according to Vastu Shastra.



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